Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pencil envy

I highly recommend using a pencil extender. It will save you money. It will give you another range of motion to work with, though it is awkward at first. Because it weighs more, it gives more feedback. Which I suspect helps with muscle memory.
In school, nearly all of the work that I was satisfied with was made in a very structured setting, like in figure drawing class. During the past two weeks I've made a point to draw with an egg-timer at least a half an hour a day. Not only does this help me feel much better about myself, but I've lost all of the neurotic trepidation that I had before. It makes sense to practice starting work, as well, because well over half of the decisions one makes on a drawing are evident in the first shapes. I plan on continuing this practice, though so far I've only managed four days a week. Someday I want to be able to say, "I haven't missed a day drawing in [X] years." I think where I went wrong during my last semester in school is that I got further and further away from my drawing practice. The following are pictures from that semester. If I could do it over I would make completely different work.

Today I was in Harrisburg buying books for the Architectural Technology program that I start next week. I stopped by the State Museum to see the Art of the State exhibition. In it was a painting by a seventh floor 1995-6 Wolberg Hall resident, Joe Hu, who did his Master's work at PAFA and now lives in Philadelphia. The painting's entitled "Friday Night, Up All Night".
Link to Joe's website.


Mr. Alex said...

You should have detail shots to go along with your larger images which reveal all the painful PAINFUL eraser marks. That's not a joke. That's for serious. If someone doesn't see that about your work, then they're not going to get the rest of it at all.

Pete said...

I agree to some extent, but it's... complicated.