Sunday, August 28, 2011

This is a great album!

This was released last year. I didn't really have my ear to the ground. Keith Morris of the Circle Jerks and Black Flag screams, one of the McDonald boys from Redd Kross is on base, and the other members are pretty heavy hitters, also. It goes without saying that I deeply identify with the indignation and misanthropy in this music. This isn't 1980s nostalgia, like the last post. The same blood suckers and crypto-fascists that were screwing-up America in the 1980s are still around. This is the appropriate response.

Early Exposure

I was allowed to play D&D with my big brother's friends at a community center in suburban Maryland a couple of times. (Pictured above. Not including my little brother, of course.) I think I was deemed too young. They were playing the "G" series modules, and I do remember being somewhat baffled by what was going on. This was my second D&D group. My first D&D group was my big brother and my mom. My big brother wrote and ran an adventure for us using the blue box. I have the manuscript and hand-drawn maps, but I won't bore you. For more 1980's pop culture, here is myself as mohair Chewbacca.