Saturday, September 30, 2006

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Lights Out...

"Whatever the cowardly political calculus going on here, it can't be emphasized enought that this is an historic bill that will be looked back on with disgust. Either it will eventually be repealed, in the way the Alien and Sedition Acts were repealed, in which case it will be a dark blot on America's history, or it will not be repealed, in which case it will be looked back on as the formal declaration that the American experiment in divided government and human rights was over. It is not an exageration in the least to say that if this bill passes and stays in force, that the America we knew, and that many of us loved, is dead. An America without Habeas Corpus, where the President can lock up people and have them tried in Kangaroo courts is not the America the Founders fought for and I will not defame their memory by pretending it is."
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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Just a reminder that we are playing this Sunday from 2pm EST to around 9 or 10pm. Last weekend I got in a full day-and-a-half of programming and finished revising the monster population code. Saturday, I hope to install a barter system for the merchants. If you guys have had any more thoughts about anything that might improve the board and is do-able, lemme know.

: (Friday the 29th) Tonight, I updated the server's artificial intelligence from
Tony K's to Jasperre's. Our old AI was developed mostly for henchman, and coincidentally was a better creature AI than Bioware's default. This new AI was developed with mobs of monsters in mind, with morale and leadership options, and better communication within groups. I've been running around on the board for a few minutes and the difference is noticable, and nothing seems broken or is giving the compiler indigestion. Oh happy day!

UPDATE: (Saturday the 30th) There is a new hakpak posted in the normal place.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

White and Nerdy...


On Tuesday the 26th of September the new art studio and exhibition space OHNE TITEL in Berlin, Germany will be holding its inaugural event. This exhibition and opening party will feature the work of some of the founding members of the space and we will be attempting to make a lot of noise to announce ourselves to the neighbourhood and the larger art world of the city.

The exhibiting artists are:

Midori Harata (Japan)
Ryan Scheidt (U.S.A.)
Jason Benedict (U.S.A.)

DJ Stefan Ende from East Berlin will be spinning records to complete the festivities.

We will also be toasting to Mr. Scheidt who is moving back to Chicago at the end of the month to teach at the Hyde Park Art Center.

By chance it would appear that mothers from across the globe will be attending, from Cascadia and Kaliningrad to the varied neighbourhoods Berlin. So bring your mom out for a party.

Atelier für Internationale Kunst
Eröffnung / Party am Dienstag 26.09, 19.00 Uhr
Kinzigstraße 41 / Berlin - Friedrichshain

Pass the whiskey!

Billmon's most succinct post ever...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A good insight.

Last weekend the Guggenheim in New York held a round-table of sorts to about the 80's hardcore scene; all to promote a newly-released documentary on the subject. The New York Times had a short, but rambling summing-up of the affair. At the end of the article, the staff writer made this statement:
"And although many of these bands defined themselves in opposition to Reagan’s country, the violent, petty, proud, often thrilling place they created wasn’t always so different. It’s tempting to idealize subcultures, but hardcore is a reminder that underground worlds aren’t usually any nobler, or any better, than the overground one. All those Reagan heads on flyers seem pretty spiteful, but maybe there’s also a hint of envy: tough young white guys paying grudging tribute to a tough old one."

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Good news!

Chad & Amber are now hitched! The festivities were a stupendous time. The bride and groom left for Australia on Monday. Also, my hang over was miraculously cured en route to Timber Lanes the next morning, despite the river of whiskey I had drank. My bowling game, while never exactly good, has become abysmal. This didn't keep me from having a good time. Timber Lanes is one of my favorite places. Alex's lady friend, Kate, trounced us thoroughly. (She was an extra for a short time in Starship Troopers, everyone's favorite fascists vs. space bugs movie!)
The Shield Lands server will be up on Sunday at 2PM EST. On Saturday I need to finish up revisions I started on Labor Day to the large-scale monster population code. I may have to work on some buildings on Saturday, and if that happens I will be a grumpy boy.
I hope I can find time to write on Astromen in the near future about things other than gaming updates. Jason, weren't you going to write about your Russian art adventures?
Just for the hell of it. Here's a dog house I drew for a one-day assignment in class on Monday: