Monday, February 21, 2011

Four Wonderful Python Applications

These are applications I like quite a lot, and use every day. They all happen to be written primarily in Python, which I find quite interesting. They all exemplify the do-one-thing-well philosophy, and are all fully cross-platform.
1. gPodder is a podcast subscription tool.
2. MyPaint is a cruft-free sketching program for drawing tablets. I do a lot of sketchbook-type stuff in MyPaint.
3. Exhaile is the music player I use. I find it is much faster than Banshee, which is the fully-featured Linux music player. And it has nicer playlist management than Rhythmbox. It is a young project, still, and has a few rough edges. But overall I find it highly useable.
4. Meld is a source code merging program. I code in Vim, but I like a nice friendly GUI for viewing my diffs.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Artist Unknown - Mind Fish

Too Long; Didn't Read It - Mr. Alex's Link Digest

I've decided to start posting the articles that I've have tabs open for in Firefox for longer than a week, but just never got around to reading, as a 'link digest' called TL;DR. I promise, I'll get around to reading all of this stuff eventually. I swear... I've just been really busy... You know how it is... I have horses... And I'm drunk... I'm a drunk man with horses... This is going to take a while to work out... Please stand by...

Photos of 'Expo 70'
Meanwhile, Back in the Other Gulf
Ubuntu Private Cloud Deployment Instructions
Space Stasis: What the Strange Persistence of Rockets can Teach us About Innovation

Speaking of Political Revolutions and Independent Video Games . . .

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet found on BoingBoing


P.S. - Al Jazeera English has been rocking my world while viewing Cyberspace news programming since that Astromen! post. Surprising quality of information, depth of reporting and analysis, and the first ones to the scene of every story - quoted and re-quoted across the every newsline talking about revolution in Egypt.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011