Monday, August 22, 2005

Lego renditions of contemporary art

A duo called the Little Artists is holding a show of Lego renditions of contemporary British art in Liverpool. I dunno, but the creepy guys who ran our Lego pirate battle are much more interesting than these twerps. Maybe if they spoofed some art that wasn't a spoof to begin with. Worth a peek, anyway, considering our Blockland endeavors.
Link to the Guardian article, via Artcyclopedia.
And now for something completely different.


Don Jason said...

Indeed completely different. What is that, some sort of redneck subliminal mind control? I now feel an immense need to see a monster truck rally and eat vast quantities of barbeque sauce.

Pete said...

It apparently is a video add for a pig roast, made by a genius! Someone award the man responsible for that video a Ph.D.! Pronto!
I got it in my e-mail last night from PA crew member Cesar Valdez.