Sunday, August 28, 2005

Juan Gris

I went to an exhibit on Sunday with most of the collected works by Juan Gris at the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia in Madrid. He is an artist that tends to play second fiddle in the history books to Picasso and Braque because he did not invent analytical cubism, but in my opinion he did it much better and took the movement to much higher levels. Throughout his work there is a good fusion of drawing, painting facture, and collage with mathematical systems and precision. Those of you fighting the interior battle between cold logic and emo-painter's-painting might find a look worthwhile. Unfortunately I had difficulty finding good image archives in cyberspace.

Juan Gris. Pinturas y dibujos 1910-1927


leandra said...
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Ryan Scheidt said...

uh, what the hell?
who's leandra?

oh and I agree,
i like Gris.

Gris for you and Gris for me.

glad we agree.

Pete said...

The first post is just spam. Robots flip through blogger and post it.
Friggin' robots.

Mr. Alex said...

The Leandra has been purged from our hearts and minds. We will speak its name no longer...

Pete said...

I agree that Gris's method is a good example of the balancing of two contradictory ways of painting. That is a most valuable insight.
Picasso, for instance, would be on one foot then the other (in terms of clean, measured approach or an improvisational, painterly approach), but never both.
I think that both an anchor and an unknown are nessecary in the planning and execution of the work.

Pete said...

Ugh, sorry... that last comment doesn't make much sense.