Saturday, February 24, 2007


This guy commented on my last rant about DRM and Apple.
I just need to point out that the diagrams that he provides on his tutorials are pure art.


Pete said...

Mr. Alex. I seem to not have Admin privaleges since the great-Blogger-roll-over. Give this fellow an entry in our "links" list, please.

Mr. Alex said...

::que talk-box voice::

By your command...

Don Jason said...

Check out the post called "Insert into Mysql Database - SQL commands."
Is that spattered blodd on the floor?

cy21 said...

Hi there, I'm "this guy". :)
The Posts I make on the blog are tutorials for those of you who want to learn certain things. The pictures that I make have 2 purposes. To entertain the reader and to make him understand. Sometimes, one is more than the other. So...If you are laughing... Crying...Thinking....creating.. joking...etc because of my posts, then it means I got your attention :p.

Other pictures...even more crazy will come..
Just wanted you to know that I don't want to make art with the pictures ;). :| .....that is not blood on the floor :| :| :|