Friday, November 18, 2005

World of GWARcraft...

Gronk here is a Level 58 Cocaine Addict.


Chad-Roc said...

Why have i always pictured Gronk as the orc version of Homer Simpson?

He was a big buff dude?

Pete said...

Nah. I think this is Gronk a great deal after our recounting of his story. After, through some fluke of fate, he has assembled the parts of the weather-dominator and slain the entire paladin order.

Ryan Scheidt said...

oh thank Ford, I was sick of those goody-little-two-shoes anyway.

is that a helm of underwater-action, with a +1 Fin blade vs. enchanted hippopotomi? Schweet!

Don Jason said...

It is good to see that even through the trials and tribulations of heavy drug abuse GRONK has managed to hold onto his trusty SPEAR AND MAGIC HELMET!!!! (The sweet irony of lame magic items still amuses me to no end. Mwhahahah!) I was unaware that GRONK was a new member of GWAR, what instrument does he play? or does he just get to throw the buckets of blood around?

CHAD: Gronk was indeed in my mind a somewhat green and toothy version of Homer. Just real mean with a spear or axe and i bit more of a gorilla posture. It seems to me that the available graphics models for characters in that game are somewhat limited; your dark elf in a chain mail bikini will always be based on the same 80's-fantasy-soft-core-acrylic-painting.

Ryan Scheidt said...

Yes, I finally found something on quite possibly the best show ever in a chicago gallery.
(many of you already now of the valour and spoils this show is a harbinger of)

Check it:

p.s. this post not ment to steal anyone's thunder, but the 60's acrylic fantasy art comment triggered a response.

Ryan Scheidt said...

and if your interested in Frank's work
I found this link to HIS artist statement.