Monday, February 21, 2011

Four Wonderful Python Applications

These are applications I like quite a lot, and use every day. They all happen to be written primarily in Python, which I find quite interesting. They all exemplify the do-one-thing-well philosophy, and are all fully cross-platform.
1. gPodder is a podcast subscription tool.
2. MyPaint is a cruft-free sketching program for drawing tablets. I do a lot of sketchbook-type stuff in MyPaint.
3. Exhaile is the music player I use. I find it is much faster than Banshee, which is the fully-featured Linux music player. And it has nicer playlist management than Rhythmbox. It is a young project, still, and has a few rough edges. But overall I find it highly useable.
4. Meld is a source code merging program. I code in Vim, but I like a nice friendly GUI for viewing my diffs.

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