Saturday, March 12, 2011


Of the different types of architectural porn, this is my particular kink. I have a weakness for architectural imagery that shows the urban fabric obscenely condensed, distorted and multiplied. Enjoy the image-spam.

Vasco MourĂ£o drawings look like David Macaulay's Piranesian nightmares. (link)(source)
Sashie Masakatsu condenses the Tokyo sprawl into hovering planetoids. (link)
Kazuhiko Kawahara recombines Japan's built environment into kaleidoscopic photo-collages. (link)
This slum was built in Hong Kong during British rule. It has since been demolished. It was frightening and inhumane, a structural and fire-safety nightmare, but was fascinating in its form. Follow the link to see a great sectional drawing of it. (link)
I have a love-hate relationship with cities. I think of them as beautiful super-organisms that draw sustenance by grinding-away at their inhabitants lives, one work hour at a time.

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