Monday, February 07, 2011

Too Long; Didn't Read It - Mr. Alex's Link Digest

I've decided to start posting the articles that I've have tabs open for in Firefox for longer than a week, but just never got around to reading, as a 'link digest' called TL;DR. I promise, I'll get around to reading all of this stuff eventually. I swear... I've just been really busy... You know how it is... I have horses... And I'm drunk... I'm a drunk man with horses... This is going to take a while to work out... Please stand by...

Photos of 'Expo 70'
Meanwhile, Back in the Other Gulf
Ubuntu Private Cloud Deployment Instructions
Space Stasis: What the Strange Persistence of Rockets can Teach us About Innovation

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Pete said...

Many of the things built for the Japanese World's Fair look like they're out of Archigram. Noguchi is one of my favorite sculptors. The inverted fountains are nice, but don't show off his characteristic half-naturalistic, half-futuristic shapes. Check out his Moerenuma Park which was built posthumously.

I enjoyed the Stephenson article, and understand technological lock in, certainly, given the prevalence of automobiles, QWERTY keyboards and Windows computers. I think he does a good job of explaining the modern space-flight industry.