Monday, February 07, 2011

Speaking of Political Revolutions and Independent Video Games . . .

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet found on BoingBoing


P.S. - Al Jazeera English has been rocking my world while viewing Cyberspace news programming since that Astromen! post. Surprising quality of information, depth of reporting and analysis, and the first ones to the scene of every story - quoted and re-quoted across the every newsline talking about revolution in Egypt.

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Pete said...

That's some superb animation. It reminds me a little of this, from a couple years back.

I have been trapped at work, or sick in bed, the last month-and-a-half. So I have been unable to keep abreast of events. I was surprised at the depth of the Al Jazeera english site too, when you posted it a couple weeks ago. I am relieved that the protests went off without a Tienanmen Square type event.