Sunday, August 31, 2008

Superior Floor System

I blog from Portland airport. I should have posted this last week when Austin (of Tyler Paint/ Exclamation Gallery) got the flash-site of his art-pot-luck-show up. I was pleased when I saw everyone's work together, as I am a fan of controlled chaos. I saw the project as a metaphor for urbanism. The site is slightly buggy (it won't let you re-select a previously zoomed item on the picture-wall) and is missing the photo and time-lapse video section on my Ubuntu laptop.

Link to a write-up on the August 8th opening on the Fallon-Rosof Artblog.
Link to the flash site.
Link to Austin's Flickr set of the show.

Also, the Chicago art-world podcast, Bad at Sports, took a tour of Philadelphia's artist collectives this summer. I found the tour fascinating, but I am peripherally familiar with the people and locales. Their conclusion was that "Philadelphia is a magical land but don’t leave anything valuable in your car." (Link.)

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