Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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Have no fear: Raven’s Hold, the Neverwinter Nights module I started working on at the end of last month, is still in development. I’ve just been sidetracked a bit of late with wedding preparations, etc. Expect a project update/play-testing schedule some time in early September.


Pete said...

Right on.

I will be working on Raven's Hold after an end-of-September deadline. I will be coding, making mobs of monsters, writing a new treasure / magic item system, and writing a Legendary Monster system. Alex, being the creative lead and benevolent dictator, is in charge of everything else.

Don Jason said...

I will play the game throroughly and obsessively as Game Tester. There will be snacks and cocktails at my place while this happens if anyone wants to swing by.

Chad-Roc said...

I'll be there Jason. I'll bring the chips!