Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shameless plug: ACORN PROJECT

I recently received the new demo that my brother's touring funk band cut. It is part of a show they did in the Spring. The band is based out of Bellingham, Washington which is a small hippie community/college town near the Canadian border. There is a lot of music there and such hip kid bands as Death Cab for Cutie got started there before being being fully assimilated into the Seattle indie pop scene.
You can find a small bit of local press about ACORN PROJECT here and here, simply announcements of upcoming shows. I have put together a provisional ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD WEB SITE where you can acquire the latest and greatest "blues-rock/psychadelic funk" . . . as we can never be too specific.
Remember, illegal downloading makes your power grow as a super-villain.

You can find more complete information about the band on this music community website, (with downloading that has expressed written consent.) Also ACORN PROJECT will be playing September 23rd at the Showbox, which is the premier roadhouse in Seattle. Name your favourite band and if they toured to Seattle they probably played there. As far as my download page that flagrantly defies any copyright and intellectual property laws, I received an email from the band that contained these comments:

"Someone should be arriving shortly to break your legs, and possibly
steal your shoes...I'll get back to you on that one."

"By the way, my lawyers will be sending some things your way
about that. Things like contracts, consent forms,...sepinas, court orders, know the usual legal stuff."

"Oh no, he's crossed over from everyday villiany to cartoon


Pete said...

I will surely download it and give it a listen.

Speaking of super villian points, the NY Times had an article yesterday about the MMORPG market in which they mention the upcoming game City of Villians, produced by Richard Garriot, a.k.a. Lord British, creator of the Ultima series.
Garriot's new company's strategy is to produce a range of games that involve radically different genres an play styles.

Mr. Alex said...

And in other news, I recently saw an updated trailer for D&D Online, and it appears to have achieved an exciting level of irrelevance AND managed to tack on poor art-direction to boot! I urge you all to take a look. It's hideous in a way words could ever fail to describe.

Pete said...

Did they really spell subpeona, "sepina"? Har har har.