Sunday, March 15, 2009

Watchmen rawks!

i gotta say that the original comic/graphic novel was indeed a classic and they did cut some stuff out for the movie. So that it could be reduced to a mere 3 hours (if you include the trailers, and i do.) EVEN SO! the watchmen movie was enjoyable to watch on the big screen. to see the characters come to life. especially the anti-heroes Rorschach and "The Comedian." Dark stuff Mr.Moore!

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Bob said...

it made my ass hurt. 2hours and 45 minutes if fucking RETARDED!!!! its a comic book. WTF!! they could have cut one minutes from 45 sceens it it would have been cooler. IMO even 2 hours for a movie is pushing it.

all that aside. yeah it was rad. i just want to watch it at home next time on my couch. i don't think i will ever be going to a movie in the theater ever again. my 52" HDTV will do just fine.