Monday, March 02, 2009

Breaking News

Artist annoys peers with melodramatic/cutesy commentary and photographs of little noses.

Link to Friderika Faye Benedict.


Mr. Alex said...

Congratulations man! Is she in good health? Did any of the dolphins in the tank she was born in get in the way of the procedure?

Don Jason said...

It was a difficult birth, what with the dolphin medical practitioners getting distracted by the herring canning plant next door.

I will take this moment to be thankful that my baby is healthy.

You all should be thankful that I spend my time with weblogs and not the Facebooky-Cyberspace-Cult-Network.

Bob said...

"thankful that I spend my time with weblogs" umm yah super stoked.

your kid is rad. good job, dave Lee just had his 1st kid also.

kids = epic win

Pete said...

Right on!

Chad-Roc said...

Congrats Jason on your very first wandering monster!

Ryan said...

Congrats! I can't wait to come visit here in the next couple of days. Should be fun!