Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jerry Saltz as Grand Moff Tarkin

"If the art economy is as bad as it looks—if worse comes to worst—40 to 50 New York galleries will close. Around the same number of European galleries will, too. An art magazine will cease publishing. A major fair will call it quits—possibly the Armory Show, because so many dealers hate the conditions on the piers, or maybe Art Basel Miami Beach, because although it’s fun, it’s also ridiculous. Museums will cancel shows because they can’t raise funds. Art advisers will be out of work. Alternative spaces will become more important for shaping the discourse, although they’ll have a hard time making ends meet."

via ArtsJournal


Pete said...

The glut wasn't all bad. I prefer anything-goes periods to more doctrinaire periods.

Pete said...

Nice, to-the-point article. Equating the fate of the art world with that of Alderaan is indeed appropriate.