Monday, October 27, 2008

In my hand

*Update - GAME OF THE YEAR!!!

*Update - Wow, this game is big.


Mr. Alex said...

Do let us know if it's any good :-) Have you had a chance to check out Far Cry 2 or Fable 2 yet? How about Dead Space?

Bob said...

well let me rate the games for you cuz i got them all.
-1st. DEAD SPACE 9.8 THIS game rocks so hard it hurt me. best looking game on the 360 hands down.
-2nd Fable2 8.6 i am into it i am playing (FULL EVIL) so thats fun.
-3rdFarcry2 7.5...dont know what to say... its a shooter that you got to take 15 minute car rides in. its ok but with CoD4, Resistance2 and Gears of war2 coming so soon, its just not going to hold up.
-4th Little big planet 10! i would have given it a 9. but last night i made a level with the A B Cs in it for Mila to run through and we had a great time so its a 10.
-5th Saints Row2 9.0 i LOVE this game its everything i wanted GTA4 to be (GTA4 SUCKED ASS)

so now all game will be put aside FALLOUT 3----->FTW

Mr. Alex said...

"DEAD SPACE 9.8 THIS game rocks so hard it hurt me."

As I'm totally cash/time poor, I've been watching this guy play through the game via teh YouTubez. Very cool. Tune in tomorrow for yet another episode of "Isaac Clark: Extreme Space Maintenance!" Also, this and this...

-3rdFarcry2 7.5...dont know what to say... its a shooter that you got to take 15 minute car rides in.

The guy reviewing it for Giant Bomb seems to be having mixed feelings about it as well. See this post. Sounds like FC2 is a "Strategic Shooter" with significant set up time between battles if you want to do it right.

Little big planet 10!

I've been paying almost zero attention to this because the chances of me ever getting a PSIII are lower than dirt. Hopefully MS does something buildy, creative, and cool like this with their NXE avatars (I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll probably get an $box360 eventually after playing Braid, Dead Rising, and GTA4 at a friends house).

5th Saints Row2 9.0

The Final Countdown!

Don Jason said...

What happened to Nevewinter Nights 1.69?

(I am still occasionally playing on the Silver Spire server until the Astromen! Official Persistent World(tm) is up, if anyone is interested . . .)

I also hope that someone will join in Team Fortress 2 to form a crack cartoon raiding party with me.

Don Jason said...

Of all these games that are coming out that require the time investment of a part time job to get involved, Fallout 3 is probably the only one I would fork out the cash for and actually sit down and play.

Please do a full review when you have run through the game some Bob. You are rather good at it.

Mr. Alex said...

What happened to Nevewinter Nights 1.69?

I got sucked into a major illustration project which is eating up most of my creative labor (drawing is fun!). Sorry to say, but I probably won't get back to working on the NWN for a long time (said project won't wrap up until January).

That said, I'd be up for some TF2 if we can all figure out sometime to play...

Pete said...

I broke down and bought Fallout 3 today.

I love everything about it, especially the combat system. The feel of the combat system, especially the intensity and chaos of it all reminds me very much of Shadowrun.

Bob said...

yah the combat is sooo rad. gives you soo many rad moments