Monday, April 14, 2008

*This* apparently started out as System Shock 3...

...that is, until EA's marketing department intervened because two game franchises with similar names from the same publisher could confuse consumers and lead to a loss in sales, instead of, I don't know, one of those franchises turning into the de facto national sport of South Korea and the other turning into a machine that prints money.

Hey, where can I get my marketing degree?!


Don Jason said...

I was reading a political weblog yesterday where a very good post was written commenting on the absulute stupidity of the US political media dialogue.

Someone in the comment section began their profound insight into the topic with "Trust me (I am in marketing) . . ."

This made me laugh.

End of random cyberspace story regarding people in marketing.

Pete said...

My company sent me to a 'internet marketing' seminar.

It was terrible beyond description.