Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I am having my first individual exhibition in Berlin. The opening and run of the show will coincide with the Berlin Biennial.

takt kunstprojektraum cordially invites you to our next opening, Hypochondria showing new work by Jason Merrill Benedict.

Hypochondria opens Saturday April 5th, at 8 pm
With music by DJ´s Dexta, Bentastic, and Scale

Exhibition: 6th of April - 17th of May, 2008

takt kunstprojektraum
W├╝hlischstr. 56
10245 Berlin

An exhibition of artwork that explores pathology as a type of alchemical experiment or pseudo-science. The images of bacteria, viruses, and parasites evoke the obsessions of a hypochondriac. Microbes that are responsible for the most dangerous diseases in the modern world and are often touted as a threat of global plague, become brightly colored patterns that fill the gallery. The goal is to investigate the paralyzing power that anxiety has over our lives and to engage a dialogue about the rationalized system of fear that seemingly dominates all forms of public debate, whether scientific, political, or social.

Jason Benedict

(There was an issue with the picture displaying. -ed.)


Pete said...

That's a high compliment and a vote of confidence that they have ou scheduled during the biennial. Fantastic!

-b-o-b- said...

thats a nice skeeter.