Sunday, March 16, 2008

Man vs. Nature

I highly recommend this 2006 Korean monster movie. Its cinematography is gorgeous; the lighting and color is pristine and well balanced, and depth-of-field is used to great effect. The film also shines in characterization; as the monster is really used as a foil for the flaws of the characters that pit themselves against it. This is not an uncommon device for horror movies; but this film's take on human nature is more complex than the revenge-on-high-school-archetypes theme common to many American horror movies.


Bob said...

thats so funny Pete i just watched The Host last night. i liked it alot. did you see Cloverfield? The Host was much better.

Pete said...

That's highly coincidental that we watched the same movie on the same night unprompted.

Anyhow, I haven't seen Cloverfield; but a few of the things I read on the web made the same comparison.