Monday, May 21, 2007

Heath Ledger: the new Joker

Freakin' Creepy! I love it.


Mr. Alex said...

Batman Begins, and I don't mean this in a "fanboyish" way, is strait-up one of the best movies I've ever seen. Ever. I'm very much looking forward to its sequel.

Don Jason said...

Batman Begins was stupid. Too many ninjas.

Mr. Alex said...

Too many ninjas.

Ninja Liam Neeson is now very angry with you!

Chad-Roc said...

more like NOT ENOUGH ninjas!

Ninja Please!!!!

Pete said...

Batman Begins was far better than any other Batman movie, that's for sure!

Ras Al'Ghul was maybe not as over the top as I would have liked. Not over the top in the ice capades way of the previous movies... I mean scary. He should have been much more frightening.

I very much liked how they extended and tweaked Chicago as a backdrop.