Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Eater of Souls


Type: Corrupted Enemy
Flying Enemy
Environment: The Corruption
AI Type: Flying
Damage: 22
Max Life: 40
Defense: 8
Coins 90 Copper Coins
Item (Quantity) Rotten Chunk, Rate 3

Eater of Souls, I shall have my revenge on thee. I shall build way point forts throughout your corrupted land. I shall lay clay bricks and set wooden posts, I shall tend gardens until your corruption is no longer a blight on our fair land of Terraria. I will get my shiny gear back, make no mistake. You may spawn but you will find your evil pits sealed up, you may soar through the air in swarms of doom but my tower walls shall repel you. Be afraid Eater of Souls, my plans are forming and Boogaloo is coming for you.


Pete said...

Boogaloo's inventory is safe in a modest waystation I built between the corruption and the evil castle. I had to mine to find some iron to build the chests, and I found a place where we can dynamite through into one of the chasms. They won't be expecting that!

Mr. Alex said...

Did you get the whole world, Pete? I emailed it to you

Pete said...

Yup. I received your e-mail. But I won't have time to set-up the server until the weekend.

I think all character data is kept client-side.