Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dance Party!

Actually, the extent of my dancing is bobbing my head appreciatively. My head will bob for the entirety of this song.

Let me engage in some armchair musicology:
Because of its proximity to an Original Impulse, I think the first 10-12 years of hip-hop are demonstrably better that its more recent incarnations, accounting for any nostalgia (not that I was there or anything). This is even more true about all of the flavors of punk rock. This ties back to our conversation last month about how our culture is in stasis or is ossifying.

This idea of an Original Impulse looms large in my thinking about art-making. It's definitely a useful lens through which to assess other artist's careers. Art-making is the single most important source of renewal and re-invigoration in my life.


Don Jason said...

This video is blocked due to copyright grounds here. I was so looking forward to bobbing my head.

Pete said...