Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Humble Indie Bundle 2

Five games. Pay what you want. You can't lose.
The bundle is available for this week only.

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Pete said...

Hmm. The Linux ports of these games have some problems.

Braid won't run.

Cortex Command is a very promising game, but it is quite incomplete. And when something does happen, it starts to grind.

Machinarium is beautifully drawn and scored. It is so far my favorite. I needed to un-check the hardware acceleration box in the Flash settings dialog to keep the cursor for lagging terribly.

Osmos is a fun game, but has crashed on me.

The same goes for Revenge of the Titans.

The choice of library/platform for each game is a little weird. I can't say I've played many full-length games written in Java and Flash. Braid is a 2d game written for OpenGL, but somehow manages not to work.

These are all 2d games. "What's wrong with SDL?", I ask rhetorically.