Monday, March 22, 2010

A very horrible horror story...

...And by very horrible I mean very good; Not horrific in the instinctual sense, mind you, (If that's your game, here are two stories which might stick with you for a while) but a bit of very spry, very literate dark-fantasy.


...if you dare!

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Pete said...

That's a fun story.

If you haven't read Lovecraft's Dreamlands stories, I highly recommend them. I never have gotten around to reading their direct influence, Lord Dunsany's fantasy stories, however. Apparently, Dunsany's stories are an early example of literary world-building; a completely fabricated, self-contained world.

In scanning some material about Dunsany I ran across an illustrator he collaborated with, Sidney Sime. Check out "Mung, the God of Death". Definitely influenced by Beardsley, as well as Redon.