Sunday, March 14, 2010

On Scientific Imagery

A lecture on the different attitudes the Science has had regarding the pictures it produced. The lecture was part of a symposium at MoMA that was held in relation to the superb exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind.

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Mr. Alex said...

Thanks! I listened to the first speaker but then gave up on Mr. (neuro) Science due to his presentation being so visual.

The 19th century obsession with visual idealization above actual observation reminded me of miasma...

...and contemporary economics :-(

Pete said...

Ah, the second speaker was from a project trying to simulate the behaviors of neurons in small clusters.

The first speaker was the reason for the post. Art history touches on everything.

I think of macro-economics more as alchemy, in that much of it is secret, and all of it is obfuscatory.
Alchemy was the starting point for science. Or it's what happens when facts aren't checked, at least. So I'd say you're spot on