Saturday, September 19, 2009

Brutal Legend Gameplay

Edit: Here's a short vid about the game's art-direction.


Pete said...

A potentially worthy successor to Carmageddon 2? It depends on how over-the-top it ends up being.

There's an easy comparison to draw here with Cartoon Network's Metalocalypse. I think the cartoon can afford to be more absurd because it is not constrained by the continuities required by the sandbox-RPG.

Mr. Alex said...

A potentially worthy successor to Carmageddon 2?

From the looks of it, DoubleFine is mining and extending successful features from a whole host of games here (The Wind Waker, Pikman, Carmageddon, God of War, etc.) and tossing them all into one very stylish title. Hopefully nothing get's spread too thin and the substance of what's good about those features still rings true.

Keep in mind that the game's lead is Tim Schafer. Take a look at his resume and you'll understand why we should all be excited about this one.

Here's the Rock and Rule inspired intro movie for the game, which sets a nice "Heavy Metal: Now with more jaded fun + glowing skulls and less OCD about tits!" mood.

Pete said...

Okay, I am no longer skeptical if the development team is being lead by a Monkey Island writer.

In the Wikipedia article, they mention that Monkey Island wasn't initially a comedy, I wonder if the main character's name was Guybrush Threepwood before Tim Shafer showed up.

The world art tour was great. I especially liked the bit about the skies.

Chad-Roc said...

I'm downloading the demo right now. Can't wait to check it out.