Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Talking Points Memo Elections Results Map

Here's a direct link to a very large version of said map...
Edit: Yet another map from Daily Kos...


Bob said...

See you guys are lucky. You don’t have prop 8 to vote on. It’s to ban gay marriage. A "yes" vote bans gay marriage. The religious fuck jobs all over the state have been going crazy over this, standing on corners waving signs, making fucked up misleading TV commercials. IT MAKES ME HATE PEOPLE. How the fuck can you think not allowing gays to be able to marry the person they love is not decrination. What does that have to do with freedom? I bet every one who is voting yes on prop 8 thinks that we are at war right now for FREEDOM. I hate people. I have have given the finger to more elderly people over the past week. If I had a gay child I think my head would explode over this.

Mr. Alex said...

They already did this in Oregon.

Back in 04, I remember that I was watching a local TV reporter interview a spokesperson (who was a black woman [no shit]) for "Yes On 36" at their HQ when the news came in that they'd won.

It was bedlam. The crowed burst into celebration. Balloons fell from the ceiling. Dancing, holding hands, singing, broad gaping smiles. Hugs all around.

I kept wondering what the fuck it was that they thought they'd just accomplished, you know, in Jesus name (amen).

That was 4 years ago today.

I've heard several Prop 8 supporters interviewed on the radio. Not one of them can (or, more to the point, will) explain why they support it.

I guess the truth, i.e. - "I'm A Bigot(TM)", would pop their fake/SPACE Christian sanctimoniousness. They don't hate the sinner after all, they hate the sin, and thus can remain both judgmental and righteous simultaneously.

Fuck these people.

Pete said...

I agree. It's all just baiting stupid people.

Shit. Now I'm stuck hitting reload on this map every five minutes.

Pete said...

Hooray. Pennsylvania!

Don Jason said...

I live in a city where the mayor is openly gay and a socialist. He is one of the few politicians in Germany with high approval ratings of late. People call it the pink/red coalition jokingly.

Another thing that comes up every couple of years for me, this year highlighted by Proposition 8, is the absurdity of the West Coast laws by ballot initiative and how one group cam slam through really ugly laws or block rather good ones. In places that are so populace with strong tendencies towards "my demographic is better than yours" this seems to wreak havoc on politics and waste lots of time and money.

This year I voted for the fourth time to allocate funds to a transit and rail system. Various versions of this law have passed already a number of times. Just do it already and stop it with ballot initiatives that insist all people must drive (I mean sit in traffic) in SUVs with low car taxes to work. The suburbs RULZ!