Friday, November 28, 2008

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A couple of weeks ago, I ran across a description of an experiment often practiced in parapsychology called the Ganzfeld Experiment. A major feature of this experiment is sensory deprivation, which is accomplished by putting halved ping-pong balls over the eyes and playing white or pink noise through headphones. I haven't really practiced meditation since I was a teenager. I lost the habit in my undergraduate years when I was chain smoking and subsisting on patty melts; Something about my poor health would make me itch violently whenever I tried to meditate. In any event, the Ganzfeld description made me remember an odd bit of open source sound software I had run across call Gnaural, which is a binaural and pink noise generator. I've been using it to meditate after my work-day before I start my creative work. It's makes deeper states of meditation easier to reach, and the hypnogogic imagery is a bonus. I've been using a particular file, and have been staying under for a half-hour to an hour.

Link to Gnaural on Sourceforge, I recommend Gnaural 2.
This is the file that I've been using. Save it as "NewMeditation.gnaural", if you wish to use it.
Link to Ganzfeld post on Mind Hacks.

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