Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"The Mechanical Tide"

Some loosely connected items:

At the Revolution opening, I met the artist Jesse Seay, who described to me a pachinko-inspired sound installation / kinetic sculpture she had created. She then made a drawing without a template, and seemed satisfied with the resultant sinusoid-mesh. The day I was in Chicago a couple months ago, ferrying artwork, I recognized the description of the sculpture in the Reader; but didn't get to the Columbia College gallery in time to see it. There are images and video on the Web, though. (Link, link & link.) One can tell from the videos that the "Mechanical Tide" succeeds in being an environment in-and-of itself, and mimics the control and chaos of living systems. Seay also administrates the "Favorite Chicago Sounds" website. Link.

Austin (of Tyler Paint, Artvid & Exclamation Gallery) sent me a link to this SIGGRAPH artist whose work is pristine and mathematical. (Link. & link.)

John Cage's "Williams Mix" is a beautiful and textural work. It sounds shockingly contemporary for being written in 1952. Link.

The following video is a great example of youthful iconoclastic energy being channeled properly. This is from a time when such jokes could still be played on straight culture. I like to imagine a Buckaroo Banzai theme here (driving a car through a portal into the world of television), though the Banzai movie was made about 9 years later. (Video running time = 26 minutes.) Link to this video on the Internet Archive.

Link to coverage of an Ant Farm retrospective by WMMNA.

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