Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Let me show you my Angry Face™..."

The first season of the WB's Buffy spin-off show Angel (vintage 1999) is now available for viewing over teh Internet(s).

Much darker than its pompom laden little sister, this "Batman with Fangs" melodrama presents plots which vier precariously close to Dungeons & Dragons-land and delivers endless streams of snappy dialog designed to crush the comfortable lies our heroes would like to believe about themselves. It also contains an ample amount of gore, social commentary, vigilante justice, and "have at thee!", with scripts which delight in setting up super-hero action cliches, bringing them to satisfying conclusions, or maniacally burning them to the ground.

Sadly, in its later seasons (and especially its last), Angel gets cluttered with too many players with too much back story. That said, the first few seasons are well worth your time...

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