Friday, May 16, 2008

Anybody want to play Dungeons & Dragons?


Pete said...

Sure, why not! Shall we say Sunday afternoon? I should probably start to trying to install the Linux client. :P

I did, actually just get direct rendering working on my laptop today, because I've been monkeying around with Blender.

Don Jason said...

I gave up on the Linux client and all things to do with the Wine program.

But I built an X-Box out of Windows 2000 and an extra hard drive. I also have Battlefield 1942 and Team Fortress for cyberspace if want to do some ego shooting.

Sunday afternoon I am playing pen & paper. Also for this server you have to apply as a formality, and it takes a few days to get your password.

Pete said...

I'm tied up the next two weekends. But in the meantime I will apply to this board?

Don Jason said...

Yes apply.

They are not scripting geniuses so there is no WHIZ-BANG stuff, but there are over 1000 areas to explore from little villages, to Limbo in the Outer Planes. They also focus heavily on role-playing between players and very active DMs.

Either that, or get the Shield Lands going on a persistent server . . . and have it take over your life!

Mr. Alex said...

When is that gald daimed 1.69 patch coming out!?

Pete said...

1.69 is in it's umteenth beta, me-thinks. They are not stopping until all bugs are squashed, bless 'em.