Monday, July 02, 2007

A day in the vector mines.


Don Jason said...

Do you work on the starship Enterprise?

Pete said...

If so it's a really mundane holodeck program.

Don Jason said...

(don jason puts on Mr. Spock ears)
I was thinking more in terms of the control panels throughout the ship in "Star Trek the Next Generation."
You know the ones that produce roast turkey dinner from nothing and shoot phasers occasionally?

Pete said...

Do you think if I had access to a spaceship I'd be in Camp Hill, PA? No, I am trapped in a buggy holodeck program that repeats the same week over and over.

I like your new stuff, by the way. The "Brain Circulation" drawing is wonderfully strange.

assailing across the aether said...

Your pathetic "technology" will avail you worthless creatures little.

The inferior functions of your weak, emotion driven minds cannot conceive of your doom, but can you smell it? The coming of the storm? I wish that you could. I can see the explosive rush of blood from your noses falling about your feet, forming a growing crimson hemisphere that creeps upward, engulfing your ankles, knees, hips, and upward until it enshrouds you. Your own perceptions would drown you! But even in your death, your blood would continue to flow until the room is filled.

Your "digital disks" will not protect you; your "MCP" can be defeated by a single man. You truly think you can attain victory with the vector-renderings of your tanks, and your bombs, and your guns?

It's in your head. Zombies should be a sufficient force to send to consume your flesh. Zombies!

Mr. Alex said...

"Your "MCP" can be defeated by a single man."

Yes, but he is no ordinary man!