Monday, September 28, 2015

Dungeons & Dragons pseudo-simulator and cRPG

Someone finally decided to revive the spirit Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights . . . with co-op and DM modes. Hopefully this time without the, "endlessly configure my router mode."


Pete said...

There's an opportunity here for them to take advantage of the existing Unity engine tool chain, scripting environment and assets. I'd be surprised if they make it that extensible, though.

The Steam Workshop is great for distributing user-made content. Hopefully they'll use it. Compiling hakpak resource files for Neverwinter Nights was a pain.

I think remote tabletop play might have become possible in the last few years. I've never used them, but Google Hangouts looks like it gets very close to people sitting around a table. There is also collaborative software to share a battle mat and adjudicate die rolls and character sheets. Food for thought. My life is very up in the air right now, so I couldn't spend time on it in the near future.

Anyway, check out the RPTools suite. It looks like one could use as little or as much of the functionality as was called for.

Don J. said...

I also was reconfiguring my "Funbox" desktop computer and found that Terraria has somewhat revived development with a Linux port now. On Steam it downloads more or less automatically if you purchased the Windows.NET version in the past.

Pete said...

Yeah, I'm game to hang out in Terraria. I'm glad to see they got it ported to MonoGame. I loaded it up and gave it some cursory testing, this morning, because I'm on Arch now.

We should also try Starbound when it leaves 'Early Access'. I believe they're still making major combat and NPC revisions. Lord British's new Ultima is another game that looks promising, but is in perpetual development. I'm also amicable to playing the new D&D game.

Pete said...

I also want to run a module using MapTools and Google Hangouts, but I have a queue of art & programming projects that are higher priority. So it's a someday/maybe kind-of-thing.

Don J. said...

The game has been released. Reviews are trickling in, apparently this is underwhelming at best and not even close to what is promised in the trailers. Very limited DM tools . . . and no dragons.