Sunday, March 01, 2015


They went and made a 2-D side-scrolling action-adventure game specifically for Art History nerds. I bought this game yesterday because it was released for Linux. It's an XNA port. The game is a gorgeous as it looks in the screenshots. It's richly textured and nicely animated.

It's a little unstable for me. I've had it dump me out to the main menu a few times when changing levels. I was able to continue after replaying the previous level each time. They're still actively patching the game, so hopefully this will go away. My only other gripe is the two-tiered inventory system, it can be hard to use when under pressure. Slight blemishes on an otherwise well executed game.



Don J. said...

Good looking game. As an art history nerd I dig the visuals. The gameplay looks fun in a retro way. Any luck with crashing problems that you mentioned? Sometimes platformer games have moments that are extremely frustrating due to poor level design . . . run into that kind of thing much?

Pete said...

I checked yesterday, and it hadn't been patched, yet.

I logged about 4 hours in this game, and definitely felt that I got my money out of it. I didn't complete it, but I got about 30% through, I think. It's a lot easier than other games I've been playing like Nuclear Throne or Ziggurat. I think you might want to put it on your wishlist and wait for the next patch, or a Steam sale.

The art and animation are the real attraction here. I think they add an air of mystery missing from most of the sword-and-sorcery genre.

In terms of level design, there is some backtracking and wondering what to do next, sure. In terms of platforming, I don't remember many jumping puzzles. The games more based on inventory management. There are a lot of single-use items and the rate of weapon breakage is pretty high.

I cleaned Steam off my computer yesterday morning, because I need to get back to being more productive on the weekends. I'm still going to play games, it isn't like I'm not interested in them, but I'm taking a break.