Sunday, February 01, 2015

Inkscape v0.91

Inkscape released it's first stable build since 2010 last week. I've been compiling the developer branch on my home machine for some time, and using the stable version on my work machine. At work, I'll often use Inkscape to add illustrative flourishes to our CAD files. Inkscape's tiling tools and live path effects compliment AutoCAD very well. I've used it for radial brick patterning, batt insulation following curved walls and ceilings, and spray foam insulation and fireproofing. Also, certain drawing tasks involving organic shapes, like tracing civil plans, are much easier with Inkscape's curve editing and a pen tablet.

You can download the release on the Inkscape website. (Link.)

Here are the 0.91 release notes with screenshots (Link.)

Libre Graphics World has an interview with the lead developers. (Link.)

Tavmjong Bah's Blog is a great place to see what's in store for SVG and Inkscape. (Link.)


Don J. said...

I have used Inkscape for years for simple text layout tasks and occasionally a graphic or two. My graphic design needs are rather simple. A well laid out, powerful, program.

I wonder what designers who have their souls bound to Adobe Illustrator think of it, as far as I can tell Inkscape can do anything as well as it's proprietary counterpart . . . except open Illustrator files.

Pete said...

I don't know. I haven't used an Adobe program since 1997-8. They're well regarded by the people who use them professionally.

My hunch is that Inkscape does have fewer features, but is therefore easier to use; with more elegant implementations of fundamental things like path editing.

One big advantage of Inkscape is SVG mark-up. It's the file format, but also the programming interface. The XML window in Inkscape let's you "View Source" on your file, which is super-useful and very familiar to web developers.