Thursday, November 08, 2012

Hooray for the Home Team

Among the states considering gay-marriage measures this fall, Washington represented the best hope for breaking a 30-plus-state losing streak at the ballot box.
52 to 48

The vote puts Washington and Colorado to the left of the Netherlands on marijuana law, and makes them the nexus of a new social experiment with uncertain consequences.
55 to 45

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Pete said...

Very good! If the drug war ends, hopefully that will starve the prison-industrial complex. Now about those other wars ...

I seriously was considering writing in "Bradley Manning" but chickened out because I knew that I would feel guilty if Romney won. I'm not sure the choice was as stark as the rhetoric let on. Romney was definitely a war-mongering Plutocrat, no doubt.

I saw a funny clip of Bill O'Reilly going off script and balefully mourning loss of the "white establishment". (Link.)