Thursday, April 05, 2012

"Shadowrun Returns"


Chad said...

I SOOO miss that game. I don't know how a new video game would work but I'd love to bust out the library of books.

Pete said...

That was very cool of that guy to design the PnP Shadowrun. That was a very rich and elegant game.
One nice thing about these Kickstarter projects is that the ruinous input of the publishers is completely absent.
The downside is that if I watch a three minute video of an old game designer pan-handling, I end up spending some money.

Mr. Alex said...

> I end up spending some money.

Tell me about it - I think I'll wait and see how the three projects I've already "kicked into" churn out before I give for anything else.

But hey - if they crack 1,000,000 they're going to add a bitchin chip-tune soundtrack AND another city! Hopefully it's PDX and we get a complimentary Yukon Cornelius beard pack! =D

Pete said...

Looks like my passive aggressive whining about Linux support paid off. :-)