Thursday, March 08, 2012

I want to be a human rights lawyer when I grow up.

from BoingBoing

As a side note regarding our recent conversations about the volatility of general internet forums no matter who the intended audience is: it only takes about three comment posts on the TED web page before the dialogue about this video turns toxic.

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Pete said...

That's a great video. I skimmed the comments section on the TED page. The crazy is indeed in full effect there. It's strange. I don't think the speaker said anything terribly controversial or refutable. I think it's obvious that exploitation and ignorance are rampant in the America.

Anyhow: Terraria, today. We're on daylight savings time today. It appears that you are not until the last Sunday of this month, Jason. Let's play 3pm EST/ Noon PST/ 8pm CET. Same domain and passwords as always.