Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My Fellow Terrarians

The end.


Edit: Our heroes continue their journey today 
(Sunday the 26th 4th) at 11am PST/1pm CST/2pm EST/8pm CET. 
Connection details in the comments.


Pete said...

I was just musing today about how the rapid obsolescence in software, thought by many to be intrinsic to it, is really brought about by a lack of stewardship typical of proprietary projects.

Maybe his library/language choices effected the maintainability of the code?

Pete said...

I dunno. The forum thread consists of both thanks to the developer and (proportionally much more) bile from disappointed users. I, for one, don't feel ripped off. I got my $10 worth, to be sure. Good luck to the guy.

Don Jason said...

After our test of the unstable version of the server with its "bug fixes" of awesomeness, as well as the goofiness in the console (possibly from admitted inexperience with coding at the beginning of the project) I am not sure if we are missing much with this announcement.

I agree that with that low price and the long hours of fun with the game, it makes for a great deal as is. A wonderful example of the possibilities in independent game development.

Pete said...

Oh, the version of the server that we've been using is not official. It's a community made one that happens not to depend on Microsoft's XNA framework, so we can run it on Mono.

If the fellow releases the code in the coming weeks / months we might see an explosion of content, which would be awesome. The Mono port would definitely get done likety-split.

Don Jason said...

"Dude!!! This is a scam! I paiyed my hard earned greenbacks on this shizzet and you cannot even get your 17 year old router to run it. If this guy does not haul himself over to the office on a SUnday to set up the server I will become indignant and demand a refund from STEAM. I definitely will not ever buy a software package based on a recommendation from him ever again. BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT!! BOYCOTT!!!"