Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Game of Thrones

Have we all read this?


Pete said...

I have not,though your recommendation is duly noted. I'm a slow reader and I typically have a pile of unread non-fiction related to my art projects and job functions. I have two recommendations I could give:

Last month I finished "How Buildings Learn" by Stuart Brand, in which the author evaluates architecture as a time-based discipline, and how the irresponsibility and hubris of architects and developers results in the flimsy, dysfunctional and ugly built environment we have today.

I am currently reading "The Lifebox, the Seashell and the Soul" by the mighty Rudy Rucker. I am halfway through it. This is a very readable exposition of the philosophy of Universal Automatism, which states that the universe is a sea of computation and therefore wholly deterministic. The Command Line podcast has a great interview with Mr. Rucker. (Link.)

Mr. Alex said...

I listened to its audiobook incarnation while working on other things in the last few weeks (the reader does a fine job).

It's an open tribute to DUNE (seriously - it has Mentat analogs, almost quotes one of the most famous lines of DUNE at one point ["Plans within plans..."], and contains more creepy / dagger-tongued / backstabbing house lords than I could name) in a garish 'post-storybook' medieval setting.

Chad said...

halfway through book 3. can't read your comments!