Monday, June 22, 2009

A rendering

This is two solid weekends of work and was done for a historical architecture award submission that was due today. It was done entirely in Blender. I plan on completing it and taking it to Luxrender.

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Chad-Roc said...

mad props Pete! That looks great.

Pete said...


Bob said...

was its all autoCad? look rad pete.

Bob said...

3D Max rendered with VRay, is what i am trying to get into. all i do is flat work (shop drawings) with AutoCad.

this guy i work with uses the 3Dmax VRay combo. and his shit is unreal. i can not tell if his work is a photo or render.

Robert said...

blender.... i need to read more gooder

Pete said...

Yep. I quite like Blender, but many people find it idiosyncratic and user-hostile.

Here's a comparison of modeling applications. The comparison is somewhat old, as the experimental branches of Blender have N-Gons, Smoke and Fire simulation, Photon Mapping, etc.

Here's a survey of 3d artists re: the various modeling applications.

I've heard that Max has really great modeling tools. I've never used it or seen it being used, so I can't give a report.

Some architects were telling me that they liked Maxwell Render. I looked up VRay, it looks quite nice. It has a Blender exporter, so I'd seriously consider upgrading if the free rendering engines aren't meeting my needs somehow.

Thanks for the compliment, Bob. I'm going to finish this model in the near future by adding proper materials and lights, as well as some missing details.

Mr. Alex said...

This is fantastic Pete! I would have said so earlier, but it looks like my RSS reader wasn't hitting the ASTROMEN feed correctly.

Pete said...

Thanks Alex!

There was another awards submission today. I've updated the thread on Blender Artists.