Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Spring Engine

I'm not a big proponent of real-time strategy games, but I think I could play Spring until my eyeballs shrivel up like raisins. Spring started as a port of the late-90s game Total Annihilation (didn't play it) and has moved on in exciting new directions. It is free and open source.
There is a Tron-style mod I haven't tried, yet, as well as upcoming Star Wars and WW2 mods.
Link to the Spring Project.


Bob said...

rad thanks,this look fun. i had just started playing x-com again. this looks like more fun.

Don Jason said...

Ny suggestions of which game to start with?

Pete said...

I've been playing Maximum Annihilation but just downloaded Complete Annihilation tonight, because it looks better.

Don Jason said...

I cannot seem to install mods. The array of Complete Annihilation downloaders without idiot proof instructions has stumped me.

Pete said...

Not to fear. I will post instructions on how to get Spring running on Hardy with Complete Annihilation and working bots one afternoon next week. Not to say that I've succeeded, but it's certainly possible. It involves compiling stuff and filing things in the proper directories.

In the meantime, Maximum Annihilation or Balanced Annihilation is definitely runnable this file (for Maximum) or this file (for Balanced) should go in /usr/share/games/spring/mods/

You'll need the Total Annihilation content (which we all own a copy of, nudge,nudge)
Unzip this file into /usr/share/games/spring/base/