Friday, September 21, 2007


A Google Earth model of the mosque I am working on with one of my old professors has been posted on the client's website. I am suppressing proper names in this post because I'm sure that the client wouldn't want to be associated with 'Astromen' by way of a Google search. The model file and instructions on how to load it are provided on the client's site, as well. Link.


Mr. Alex said...

Wow, that's really cool Pete! Is it standard practice to toss mock-ups in Google Earth like this for your firm? Has there been any local opposition from ignorants towards a Mosque being constructed there?

Pete said...

Oh, this project isn't by the company I work for, it is just a favor I am doing for one of my teachers. That said, it isn't standard practice to throw up things on Google Earth at work. The focus there is on construction drawings rather than presentation drawings.

There has not been overt opposition to the mosque, but the client has not submitted anything to the municipality, yet.