Saturday, March 17, 2007


"Total US wheat production has dropped from 58.74 million metric tons in 2004 to a projected 49.32 in March of 2007. That's a drop of 16%. Over the same period (2004 to Match 2007's yearly projection) all European countries have decreased wheat production as well. Australia -- which has been hit by a drought -- has seen production drop from 22.60 to 10.5 million metric tons. Overall world production has dropped from 628.59 million metric tons in 2004 to 593.11 million metric tons -- a decrease of 5.62%."

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Pete said...

Granted, Malthus was right.
Which is why we need to feed people partially hydrogenated oils, hormonal meats, and processed corn foods so that population growth doesn't outstrip food production.

I heard on the radio some years ago that there exists enough food to deal with current hunger problems in poorer countries, a few times over, and that the problem is distribution and market structures in the rich countries.

I'm afraid the limiting factor on the global population will be space and not food. But who knows what climate change and the resultant desertification will bring.